10 Most Expensive Pets In The World

When it comes to being a true animal lover, no matter how expensive an animal might be, you still contemplate getting one for yourself, don't you? And why wouldn't you.

Animals are loyal, they are great companions and the best stress busters. A jump, a lick and a cuddle is all you need and the world really does seem like a better place.

1. Green Monkey - $16,000,000

No, it's not a monkey. It's actually a thoroughbred American racehorse, fathered by another thoroughbred American racehorse, called Forestry. According to a report by CNBC, the first time Green Monkey raced, he ran an eighth of a mile in just under 9.8 seconds.

Source: horsecollborative

2. Sir Lancelot - $155,000

Sir Lancelot Encore is a labrador that cost $155,000. The price came up to this due to the procedure from which he came to be.

He is a clone of another labrador named Sir Lancelot who unfortunately was diagnosed and died of cancer. The family that owned him loved him so much that they had him cloned.

Source: lumeanimalelor

3. Miss Missy - $1,200,000

Miss Missy belongs to the Holstein breed of cows. She's a show cow with many winning titles to her name. Want to know how productive she is? She produces 50% more milk than your average cow. Not a bad deal, right?

Source: strongestinworld

4. Tibetan Mastiff - $1,500,000

World's largest dog, Tibetan Mastiffs are like the dog version of a ferocious lion. These dogs were originally guard dogs, trained to protect livestock, palaces and monasteries back in the day. True-blooded Tibetan Mastiffs are rare and they can fetch a price that is out of your bounds. The last rare Tibetan Mastiff was sold for a whopping $1.5 million in 2011.

Source: 101breeds

5. White Lion Cubs -$138,000

They are not as the common lions breed. What makes them more expensive is because of their white pigmentation with color of their eyes. It is believe they are located on South Africa wild reserve. It is believe to be less than 300 species worldwide.

Source: latimes

6. Stag Beetle - $89,000

It is so surprising that a tiny insect can be so expensive. Yes, it is expensive because it is the most rare and strange species in the world. What makes them unique from other insects is that they have red blood mandibles and protruding antlers hanging on their black heads. The insect belongs to family of Lucanidae that consist of 1200 classes of insects. Another reason why these beetle is expensive is that it is long in length that is 2-3 inches.

Source: thetimes.co.uk

7. Palm Cockatoo - $16,000

The Palm Cockatoo also known as the Goliath Cockatoo, is a large smoky-grey or black parrot of the cockatoo family. It is the only member in subfamily and the only member of the monotypic genus, Probosciger. Its unique position within the cockatoo family has been confirmed by molecular studies. It has a unique red cheek patch that changes color when the bird is excited or alarmed.

Source: icytales

8. Toucan - $10,000

Toucans' dark body with some red spread on its neck and hinds is what makes them stand out. These birds are native to the Caribbean region, northern parts of South America and Southern Mexico. Because of their bright colorful beak, they are capable of eating all kinds of nuts that might be poisonous for other birds.

Source: nationalgeographic

9. Chimpanzees - $60,000

Chimpanzees share 98% of our genetic blueprint and are considered to be our closest relatives. They are intelligent, they are smart and they are very amicable.

They can live up to 60 years and can be trained to speak as well. And having a chimpanzee friend is kinda going to be cool, right? You will, of course, have to check if having one as a pet is legal in your country or not.

Source: globalgiving

10. Lavender Albino Ball Python

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