5 Photos That Will Test Your IQ


One of the quickest ways to give the brain a quick workout is to try and solve an IQ riddle. Riddles can be fun as well as perplexing and sometimes they are as simple as a single image.

Here are 10 photos to test your IQ. The first image will be the riddle and the second image with have the answer, so don't be quick at scrolling.

1. Animals

How many animals do you see in this picture? Make sure to take your time.

So how many did you see? If you saw 16, then you're right. There is the obvious elephant, elephant, donkey, dog, cat, and mouse. And then there is also a dolphin, tortoise, snake, sword fish, shrimp, hen, mosquito, crocodile, beaver, and bird head all hidden within the image.

2. Face

There is a face hidden in this picture. Can you see it?

This one isn't so hard, in case you didn't see it. Here it is!

3. Doctor Who

This spot the difference is the hardest one, you'll ever see. Honestly, it took me 5 minutes to tell the difference. Here, your turn!

Did you see them all? It's hard to tell because there's a lot of stuff happening in the picture.

4. Word Dog

This image contains the letters D,G and O. All you have to do is find the word 'DOG'.

In case you missed it, here it is circled.

5. Spot the difference

Here is a painting that most people are familiar with. Do you think you can spot the minor difference in the two paintings?

Did you notice it? The slight difference is in the background. Some of you might have spent the whole time analyzing the differences between Mona Lisa when the change was actually in the background.